ESTES supports the development of sustainable businesses that wish to contribute positively to a greener planet.

Sustainability advantage

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability is now a top priority for businesses. It used to be seen as a corporate responsibility, but now it's a key part of a business's strategies and focus. Companies use a lot of energy daily, and many are struggling with environmental issues because they don't focus on green office spaces, energy efficient, and reducing their carbon footprint.

Why we focus on sustainability

To help businesses align with Singapore's Green Plan 2030 and to help businesses become capable of implementing and driving change within their organisations.

What are global sustainability goals?

On a global scale, the world aims towards Net Zero emissions in 2050. An eco-friendly and sustainable business aligns its operations and beliefs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

- Ensure success to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

- Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industralisation, and faster innovation.

singapore green plan

singapore green plan

singapore green plan

singapore green plan

A national initiative to promote sustainability and take action to combat climate change.

Businesses play a significant role in creating opportunities for eco-friendly change within their organisation by consuming less energy with energy-efficient printers that increase productivity, reduce energy consumption and recycle.

Adoption of sustainable practices is essential because:

  • Customers desire more environmentally conscious products and services

  • Business visibility and branding advances when associated with the cause of sustainability

  • An intention to support efforts to create a sustainable future for future generations

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How can ESTES help your business become sustainable?

Becoming an Eco-Friendly Business can be challenging, but beginning with a conservative approach to energy consumption and paper usage is possible. Additionally, various funding options are available to help businesses start their sustainability journey.

Incorporating sustainability into business decisions is essential for long-term success. It is important to ensure that sustainability is a priority in all aspects of the business, from office equipment and workflow processes to financial decisions that affect the core business areas. Establishing sustainability objectives through efficient systems can provide long- term benefits.

Be a pioneering force in your sector when it comes to sustainability. Engage with industry partners and suppliers to encourage the adoption of green solutions and procedures. Additionally, if you are already ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability, consider engaging in capacity- building initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises. Your businesses can be instrumental in the transition of Singapore to a more sustainable economy.

Our knowledgeable consultants can demonstrate how to optimise sustainability objectives so that they are operationally, practically quantifiable, supported by the appropriate systems and procedures, and integrated into your decision-making process. Together, we can address sustainability challenges to guarantee your success.

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