Funding Advisory

Designed to support your sustainability initiatives and business growth.


Many business loans can be used for various commercial purposes, such as buying property, inventory and vehicles, paying salaries and taxes, paying overhead costs, starting or expanding a business, for franchising or mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Types of loans

From empowering your green intiatives, to your business goals.

Green loan

A Green loan is a loan whose money goes directly towards environmental projects. Green loans allow businesses to link their sustainability initiatives to their business operations.

Working capital finance

Working capital finance is a form of business finance designed to increase the working capital of a business. It is often used for growth initiatives, such as embarking on large projects, creating new product or service lines or entering a new market. While different companies utilise working capital finance in different ways, in general, using working capital finance allows businesses to free up cash for growth initiatives that will be repaid in the short to medium term.

Invoice financing

Invoice finance loans could be an excellent option if you want money for your business but can't offer your assets as collateral. With these loans, you can use your accounts receivable to get a portion of the value of your invoices, so you can get the money you need quickly.

Trade financing

Banks use financial products and services to make it easier for exporters and importers to do business with each other Trade finance removes the risk of payment and supply and instead puts a third party in place to ensure everything goes smoothly. It gives the exporter the money they need and the importer the credit they need to complete the trade order.


The repayment terms and interest rates will depend on the amount borrowed, the loan type and the borrower's status. We empower your business goals by breaking down barriers and simplifying your application process.


During our consultation, tell us how much you need and your business needs, and share relevant documents and information about your business.


We will conduct a complimentary Pre-assessment and Evaluation; now, with our esteemed network of industry experts, we evaluate your loan feasibility and risk assessment and match you to a bank that best suits your needs.


We will support your application journey when you apply if you have queries.
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