Sustainable Solutions

We offer Managed Print and IT Services featuring sustainable solutions that help businesses cut carbon emissions.

Latest technology

We've got a great selection of copiers that are efficient, cost-effective, and help make your office an eco-friendly place. Our inkjet printers are eco-friendly and use less power than laser printers

Heat-free technology

Patented PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology improves efficiency and productivity with duplex printing at the same time.
less power consumption
less consumables
ISO print speed







Refurbished machines

Our refurbished printers are cost-effective, dependable and built to last. Our printers have been thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they are in optimal working order.
  • Cost-effective
  • Dependable
  • Built to last

Up to 30% savings from existing cost of ownership

2-4 hours service respond time in event of breakdown

Service package includes automated replenishment of ink, parts and labour

Power your processes a smarter way

Software system for document management and digitalization.

Intelligent automation

Improve business-critical operations through data-intensive workflow automation and actionable insights with the leading Intelligent Automation Platform.

Financial process automation

Get faster and more accurate data processing with the power of intelligent automation to streamline your invoicing, reconciliation, and payments, while ensuring global compliance.

Document automation & security

Take your document and printing management to new heights with efficient and secure solutions that streamlines and automates document management while also providing advanced security.

Document productivity

Save time, increase productivity and protect your confidential information with our market-leading document productivity and esigning solutions.

Data Security with 100% Confidence

Centralised management of multi-functional systems.

Secure Large File Sharing

Provide a secure solution for sharing large files with features like controlled access, view-only sharing, and watermarks to protect sensitive data. With remote wipe capabilities and efficient management tools, it ensures secure and compliant file sharing while safeguarding valuable information.

Centralised Administration

Empower companies with customizable UIs, centralizing file sharing activities for streamlined operations and enhanced security. With efficient management and single sign-on capabilities, it provides controlled access and precise permission management for secure and seamless data sharing.

Cost Efficiency With Infrastructure Upgrades

Integrate with legacy systems through a unified interface, maintaining access without requiring file migrations to ensure immediate connectivity without straining the corporate budget.

Backup + Endpoint Sync

Offer an endpoint backup solution, enabling automated backups and swift recovery during hardware failures. With features like real-time synchronization, selective sync, and mobile access, it provides comprehensive data protection and accessibility while ensuring efficient file management.


We provide outright purchase, leasing, hire
purchase and rental options for our copiers.

Print strategy

We understand the importance of managing change in the print environment, so we implement changes carefully and with as little disruption as possible.
We share best practices for printing better. This helps to improve workflow user engagement, reduce waste, and optimise the use of your business print devices.
We offer on-site & remote servicing with ESTES technicians who will be on-site within 4 hours to resolve your hardware issues.
Empowering businesses with eco-friendly solutions that drive sustainability and success.
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21 Bukit Batok Cres, #15-76 Wcega Tower, Singapore 658065
+65 8157 3778
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